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The most beautiful thing is getting the best out of people, to see their inner light shine, to see them when they are pure, when they are authentic. To photograph someone is to inspire, to encourage, to invite and to love. The moment that I look through the lens is complete, it is rich with possibility, it is the doorway to the eternal. When I see magic in a person, I want to capture it and create something beautiful so they can see the person that their loved ones see.

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Michael Teo


Hi I’m Michael,

I live in a old Victorian house in Brunswick (the coffee capital of the universe) with my wife Vicki, my daughter Demeter (named after the Greek goddess of the earth) and my mother-in-law Nicoletta. We also have a grey cat called Strawberry, two rescued chickens called Sprinkles and Nutmeg and three Guinea pigs called Bruno, Poppy and Daisy.

I started life as a musician and had no plans to take up photography… but photography found me. I had some incredible photographers as music students! When I needed some photographs of myself for a music teaching website, I asked one of my music students if he would trade a portrait session for some music lessons. At the photo shoot I was curious about what he was doing and asked him about all of the different lights and equipment he was using. We spent hours chatting and a few months later I bought my first (proper) camera.

I never would have guessed that this would eventually lead to me falling in love with photography and pursue it with a great passion. I especially never imagined that I would find something that I was even more passionate about than I was about music. One of the most moving experiences in my life was photographing my mother. It allowed me to show her just how beautiful she is to me. A few months later she began having seizures and spent a couple of months in hospital, I spent every day with her and was so grateful that I had taken the time to create some portraits of her. Thankfully she fully recovered and is now better than ever, but even more important is that we are closer than ever before.

Both music and photography can give people joy. Music can make us feel good, it can take us on a journey, it can elevate our consciousness so that we can forget our worries, but I love how through photography I can make people feel good about themselves, about who they are and give them the opportunity to love, fully accept and celebrate themselves.

I started Studio Teo because I want to create something special, something truly valuable, to show people their unique beauty and to create works of art for them.



World Photographic Cup Finalist – Reportage category
World Photographic Cup Best of Nation Award


AIPP Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year Finalist
1 x 2018 APPA Gold Award
3 x 2018 APPA Silver Awards


Associate of Photography AAIPP
1 x 2017 APPA Silver Distinction Award
3 x 2017 APPA Silver Awards
*2017 AIPP Victorian Epson Professional Photographer of the Year
*2017 AIPP VIC Portrait Professional Photographer of the Year
*Awarded, but later withdrawn due to an inadvertant technical breech of the rules
3 x 2017 Victorian AIPP Silver Distinction Award
1 x 2017 Victorian AIPP Silver Award


1 x 2016 APPA Silver Distinction Award
3 x 2016 APPA Silver Awards
1 x 2016 Victorian AIPP Gold Award
1 x 2016 Victorian AIPP Silver Distinction Award


2 x 2015 Victorian AIPP Gold Awards
1 x 2015 Victorian AIPP Silver Distinction Award
5 x 2015 Victorian AIPP Silver Awards


2014 AIPP Victorian Emerging Photographer of the Year
2014 Ian Hawthorne Award
1 x 2014 APPA Silver Distinction Award
2 x 2014 APPA Silver Awards
2 x 2014 Victorian AIPP Silver Distinction Awards
3 x 2014 Victorian AIPP Silver Awards

  • What you did for me/do for so many, is completely priceless Michael. I have met photographers who are completely in it for the money and only connect with people who already know they are beautiful enough. You, you take an untrusting self esteem and make it see what you see. Takes a beautiful soul to do that xxx
    Cindy Trew
    Cindy Trew
  • Thank you so much! It was a very special experience today! Grateful thanks for your talent and sensitivity.
    Jan Miles
    Jan Miles
  • I just wanted to say what an absolute pleasure it was to work with you the other day. You really are not just a beautiful person but a brilliant teacher. I've never had someone work with me like that. I have never had someone support me like you did. I felt so much support and encouragement from you and I think that made me grow and I think you and I got more out of me...than anyone ever has. You are a great photographer because you don't just seek to understand photography but understand your subjects. You don't just see something in people, you know how to get it out of them. Thank you
    Nichola Jayne
    Nichola Jayne


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